Recent Catches

Our Schedule

Once we arrive at the many offshore Pacific Islands and Banks, our daily schedule is:

6am: breakfast

7:00am: cast off
FISH for pelagic species as you travel past Montousa Island and several famous banks that rise to within 150′ of the surface

5:30pm: Meet the Barge after it has traveled 9 hours across Pacific water to one of many anchorages chosen depending on winds, sea conditions, and what type of angling guests have requested for their week. Appetizers and cocktails served by Meri.

6:30pm: multi-course gourmet Dinner, Drinks, Desserts

Our Lodge

Guests stay aboard our 80′ floating lodge. This provides our anglers with a clean and comfortable base camp. The mobility of the lodge allows you to travel to remote tropical settings where the fishing begins right at your front door. Newly renovated, the lodge can accommodate up to 16 guests. With four beds each, the four air-conditioned cabins share two clean bathrooms with hot-water showers and plenty of fresh water. Also to be enjoyed is a very comfortable, air-conditioned salon, as well as an on-the-water dining area along the front of the lodge, complete with a friendly cash bar. Delicious Panamanian/American cuisine is prepared daily by our wonderful chef Irina. Featured is the “catch of the day” served with fresh vegetables and tempting homemade desserts.