What you’ll be eating

Pesca Panama has always been known to have fine cuisine aboard the Hannibal and as a client for 10 years prior to becoming one of the owners, I have come to expect great food as part of the experience. We continue to strive for excellence in our menu and are blessed to have a ready supply of fresh seafood and produce at our disposal as well as a fine chef. As you may suspect, we serve a lot of fish and seafood to our guests, and you will see none fresher. Our typical daily menu varies but would likely include items like this:


  • Locally grown high mountain coffee from Boquette, Panama.
  • Fresh locally grown fruit such as banana, pineapple, papaya, mangos and melons.
  • Eggs/omelettes, pancakes, cereal, bacon, sausage and toast.


  • Sandwich with ham/cheese, turkey or tuna salad, lettuce/tomato
  • or fish or chicken tacos with pico de gallo.
  • Side of fish or chicken nuggets, tuna or macaroni salad and chips.
  • Snacks of fruit, chips and sashimi when fresh caught. Y

You may also opt to have lunch aboard the Hannibal


  • Ceviche
  • fish nuggets
  • sashimi from fish of the day
  • plus a variety of nuts such as peanuts, pistachios and mixed nuts.


  • Chef or mixed salad
  • Fresh caught seasonal fish with broccoli and boiled potatoes
  • Grilled marinated tuna steak with garlic smashed potato/vegetable
  • Fried Mahi Mahi fillet with beans/rice and vegetable
  • Linguini with shrimp marinara, garlic bread and squash


  • Tres Leches (a Latin American favorite)
  • Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream
  • Cream Caramel Flan.


  • Unlimited water, beer and soda
  • Cocktails: Full-service cash bar. 

We also will accommodate those with special dietary needs with advance notice and can provide heart healthy options to the regular daily menu. Special dietary requests can usually be accommodated.