November 13, 2021

Pesca Panama hosted a very cool group of talented anglers from Brazil this week, several internationally rated competitive sailfish and marlin guys. We took a few good tuna to 180lbs, ignored the plentiful marlin, and concentrated on jigging deep and shallow- a favorite method for many of the anglers-and they’re good at it- and popping- our fav. Gray grouper and amberjack were the most plentiful, 23 species were caught this week, but the stars of this week’s show were roosterfish on the beaches. We quietly chuckle here when anglers who have not visited talk about Costa Rica or pacific Mexico as being perhaps the best destinations for this species- but when conditions and tides are right here, nowhere that I’ve fished compares, giant loose schools abound with virtually no pressure except from us. EVERYONE fought roosters, many in the teens, topped out at 40lbs or so, lost several really large fish. Capt Tommy’s guests took 18 on the best part of one tide. Some boats said we’ve caught enough, tired, let’s move. I on my favorite beach threw a giant white spoon and skittered it as fast as I could turn the handle across the surface and hooked 8 maniacal fish who simply EXPLODED on the lure on 8 casts. They never did the normal zig zag, thinking, examining chase- they just ran the spoon down like they would a flying fish and smoked it. One day we caught jacks roosters pompano regularly just wind drifting the beach for over a mile and a half. Fabulous fishing, roosters everywhere, cannot wait to do it again this week!! Thanks all who visited, loved this genial group of hard core anglers, see you all next year. Thanks Fernando for putting it together. And remember everyone- we have an open boat late Jan, and an agent’s date in March just opened one boat- get in touch- Mike 716 868 4432

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