November 22, 2021

Pesca Panama hosted a mixed group of returners last week- Paul FL and Chris NH, Paul NY and Dan ID, Jack and Vince DC, Shawn and first timer Ernie (the prof) FL. I was crazy excited because of the number of roosters on the beaches 2 weeks back- but small tides and eventually a full moon changed that- beaches were empty. So you start over, hunt, plan B, plan C, captains sharing knowledge- until you find them. The guys eventually took 32 species, all sizes, many techniques, and I believe they are all returning to try this magical location again. Good conversation, lotta teasing and laughing on the fantail, Meri taking care of everyone in her wonderful way, Irina cooking up a storm. Many comments on the new bathrooms and painted Ocean Masters. Come see us when you can! More photos than normal- enjoy. Capt Mike

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